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The Aftershokz Culture

I rarely write product reviews, but when a product takes my office by storm, I feel like it warrants some mention.

In December, the team at Aftershokz sent over a set of their Trekz Air for everyone on our team as a gift. This became an addiction. I kid you not when I tell you that everyone on the team wears these the entire workday.

We used to all sit at our individual desks with either earbuds or large noise reduction headphones blocking us out from each other and the rest of the world. Then these appeared. Bone conduction headphones that let us hear the world around us. All of the sudden, we were listening to music but also engaging in more conversations. It was a shift.

While most companies are making their headphones tinier and more obscure, what made us become addicts to our Aftershokz?

The beauty is in their design. They don’t sit in your ear, they sit just ahead of your ear along your jaw bone… Why? So the world around you is not shut out.

Personally, I just love that my ears no longer get sore! People used to come to my office and because of my abundance of hair, they didn’t have a clue I was wearing earbuds. they would be having full conversations with me only to realize I hadn’t heard a thing. Didn’t even know they were there.

Enter Aftershokz Trekz Air. These earphones (no, they are not referred to as headphones) are lightweight and don’t fall off or out like my earbuds. Their titanium design and flexible fit wrap around the back of your head and are comfortable and stable. Best of all, for the fitness buffs, they are water repellant because sadly, I haven’t figured out how not to sweat when working out.

They are wireless because what isn’t wireless these days? They last up to 6 hours and because they sit along my cheekbone, I can hear what’s going on around me. Best of all, the sound is fantastic! Whether on a call or listening to music, I was shocked as to the quality since they weren’t in my actual ear!

As a parent, I especially love that they let you hear what’s going on around you. I consider it a life-saving feature actually. When my kids are walking to and from the bus along busy streets, I hate it when they have their earbuds in, they are completely unaware of what is going on around them. Of course, I wouldn’t dare ask them to disconnect themselves from their phones so the next best thing is a set of Trekz Air. Now they can hear the traffic around them and no longer be completely oblivious.

Thank you Aftershokz for helping me keep my kids safe yet “cool” and for creating a culture of more social conversations in our offices!

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