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20 TV Shows in 6 Hours!

I know, its sounds incredibly glamorous. Flying to New York, getting to appear on 20 TV shows, getting dressed up, makeup done, new outfit, beautiful hotel. Sounds like a dream right?

Well, the reality is far less sexier than the “dream”.  Thought I would give you a glimpse into the reality of what  20 TV shows in one day actually looks like.

5:00am–  Wake Up.  Try to figure out how those puffy bags under your eyes are going to fade in the next hour before you have to be in studio.

5:15– Hair. What the heck happened?  Did I have a wrestling match with my pillow overnight?!  Thank goodness I never leave home without my secret weapon.  Jonathan Torch Curl Keeper.  15 years later and it still keeps my curls from having a mind of their own.

5:16 – Huge bathroom in hotel. Not a single shelf on which to place any makeup!  Who does that?  Clearly this hotel did not consider a woman’s needs when designing their space.  Literally had to lay a towel on the floor and spread my makeup on it.  Way to much bending up and down to the floor to get each makeup item.  Feel like I’m in a cardio class.

5:18 – Eye shadow.  This is always the funniest part.  I have no idea how to apply eye shadow.  Yup, I am 46 and no matter how many Youtube videos I watch, Bozo the clown does a better job than me. By the time I’m done I am usually ready to wipe it off because I can’t stop laughing at myself.

5:25 – Outfit time.  This outfit looked like a such a good choice when I first picked it. Hmmm, since it’s my only choice, I’m going to pretend to love it and just rock it.

5:45 – COFFEE.  Why aren’t coffee shops open in Soho at 5:45am?  Starbucks?  I’m at your window. I see you in there.  Please let me in.  Please? No? Really? So sad.

6:00 – Studio arrival. My production team has set up the studio and it is pretty darn gorgeous.  Oh, and they’ve brought me Starbucks because they truly are the best. And they want me to seem moderately alive when I go on air.  Good thinking.

The result?

  • 10 Radio interviews.
  • 20 TV show hits.
  • 5 x 2 minute tapings for commercials
  • and a preview for you that takes 1.5 minutes to watch so be sure to check it out below!

All in a glamorous (not) days work.

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