When you choose to work with Sharon, you are working with someone with over 15 years of experience in dealing with brands, agencies and communities. When Sharon is sharing feedback, she is not only sharing her opinion; she is representing a community of over 70,000 families across North America. She is ensuring their voices, their opinions, and their feedback is heard. When Sharon speaks to an audience she is bringing forth her knowledge and up-to-date research from constant surveying of the Parent Tested community. Sharon doesn’t just talk about products and topics, she talks about products that parents have loved and about topics that parents have told her are important to them.


What Sharon Can Offer Your Brand

With a vast entrepreneurial background ranging from technology
to the parenting industry, Sharon is sought out as a spokesperson,
a television contributor, a trade show correspondent, a brand
advocate, a panelist and a guest speaker.

As a former hi-tech entrepreneur, she is very passionate about Internet safety and keeping our families secure from online predators.